e are one of Atlanta’s leading advocates for change in real estate. The demand of home sellers to significantly reduce their cost has called for a complete re-examination of the home-selling process. All across America, residential areas with alternative forms of real estate are developing. The old ways are ending. And, while most chain store agents will admit, the days of dictating a 6% listing are numbered, franchise rules often prohibit them from offering much of an alternative.

Inman Park Realty was created exclusively for the homeowners of Inman Park. IPR does not list or sell homes outside of Inman Park. Our Company focus is 100% dedicated to Inman Park. We are flat-fee transaction based service not tied to home price. We are community-focused company who believes in on-going local investment. And, we cite technology and Social Media, not franchise tradition, as the signposts to any new vision going forward.

In short, our goal is to be the mirror of what buyers and sellers, for decades, have been asking for: a low cost, full-service, realty partner. Don’t let the fear of, “new” cost you thousands in home equity. And, don’t feel you need to pay extra just because of someone else’s franchise tradition.

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