Forty One Pounds

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On average, forty one pounds is the weight each person receives, every year, in junk mail. This junk costs the planet 100 million trees every year. We know half of the junk mail goes to the landfill unopened, so that means 50 million trees are lost every year just for sport.

It is a pretty depressing topic to talk about, but that was the discussion at a recent “Real Estate Mastermind Summit”. I attended this Summit thinking it was something else. Their literature was vague, in a kind of Amway sense, but I wanted to find out what the next “big thing” in real estate was.

I did not see postal mail coming. I did not see a future so heavily tied to the past. But, according to the “Mastermind Summit”, the future of real estate is in personalized post card mailers going out every month. This idea is not new. But, the information on these postcards is highly customized, so that is the “new” element. (For the record, I think this idea will work for many agents)

What does this have to do with real estate? Most all real estate functions, summits, conferences, or masterminds focus on how agents get clients. It’s the exact same process for agents in the insurance and financial services industries. How agents get their clients has zero meaning to the functions they perform.

The postcards are great. But, they represent the traditional arch of real estate. They represent 6% of your home’s sales value.  They represent the status quo.

This is exactly the kind of real estate we are trying to get away from with Inman Park Realty. We think the rules should be changed.

I sat in a room full of realtors today who were all plotting ways to attract clients and justify their value. Nobody spoke about neighborhoods or Communities. Turns out, real estate isn’t much of a topic at these Real Estate Mastermind Summits.

The 41lbs of junk mail statistic comes from a non-profit whose goal is for homeowners to reclaim their mailboxes, stop waste and help the planet.   All goals we support.

You have to wonder if the folks spending millions of dollars rolling out a new postal mail strategy realize how many non-profits are out there fighting against them.

Protect yourself from junk!

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