It’s Showtime!

 In The Philosophy

If you have never been to the Inman Park Festival, you owe it to yourself to attend. The Inman Park Festival is the King of all Community festivals, in large part, because they have been doing it longer than anyone else.   This weekend is the 46th installment. Something this big and ambitious, right in the middle of a quiet tree-lined neighborhood, is really something to experience. Trial and error over 5 decades give this festival a mature, well-run feel.

Be sure to check out the parade, starting around 2pm on Saturday. Don’t think “parading” is really your thing? This one may very well change your mind.

The music is free and fantastic. The craftwork varied and reasonable. And, the beer is cold and plentiful.

But, we would be remiss on a realty website, not to mention the Tour of Homes. These are the real “Heroes of Real Estate”. As always, our hats are off to all the men and women, who through their love and passion, have reclaimed and restored these wonderful homes. History buffs and remodelers alike will enjoy these homes and their stories.

Be sure to check out the festival map online for best tips on how to get there. Remember, cars really aren’t welcome. Best festival tip: comfortable shoes!

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