Real Estate Engineering Begins in Inman Park

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Thankfully homeowners aren’t aware how ugly the real estate industry looks when groups of realtors are in a room discussing ways to get a percentage of their nest-eggs. It’s off-putting for sure. Then again, every industry has its “sausage making” process that isn’t for public consumption.

Still, one thing that is hard not to take away from a group of realtors is just how self-directed the real estate industry is. Me, me, me. Look at me and who I am.  Now, that may sound bad, but it’s more of an observation of the thousands of real estate agents, who compete against each other with basically the same tool kit, having only one direction to turn and that being toward self-promotion. How else to stand apart?

But, self-promoted strategies are usually very thin and eventually become boring. Think of a dinner date who does nothing but talk about themselves, and then ask yourself; you going to order dessert?

But what if realtors, like every other industry, sold in terms of offering solutions? Ever since the advent of the wheel, marketers have been putting together “solutions” for their customers. Could a realtor offer a solution? Traditionally, the idea of “solution selling” involves fixing a problem or creating a solution for one.

OK, so here is a problem: selling a home is too costly for a homeowner. Solution: find a way to significantly reduce the cost of selling a home.

Sadly, this has been the same problem the industry has struggled with for the last couple of generations. The only relief for the homeowner has come from, some agents who will, at times, reduce their fee as their only solution to expenses. While this is terrific for those who are getting the discount, it does nothing for the “next guy”. Meaning, the problem is never fixed and the problem never goes away!

To actually solve a problem, a new sales mechanism, or engine, must be contrived. I use the word, “contrived” specifically, because it’s used in Webster’s definition of what an Engineer does*. Why do that?  Because engineers are charted with creating things anew. Engineers fix problems!

Inman Park Realty is the result of real estate engineering. Significant industry change is a distant light from within in a very long tunnel. But, business process change always begins in an incubator and Inman Park offers the ideal environment.

Yes, we can talk about ourselves at Inman Park Realty. But, we really think you will find our solution approach to selling and cost management much more interesting.





*A person who carries through an enterprise by skillful or artful contrivance.

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