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I never intended to write reviews or recommendations of local businesses. There are plenty of sites and reviewers far more qualified. That said, the “Atlanta Magic Theater” is an exception. Full disclosure, I have a soft spot for artists and Peter Morrison, the owner and performer of the Atlanta Magic Theater, certainly qualifies.

I have not checked out Mr. Morrison’s bio. But, you will instantly realize you are watching a professional perform near the top of his craft. He is as polished as a river stone. And, when he says he has done this trick thousands of times, you know he is underestimating. Simply put, he is a very good Artist Magician. I guarantee, when you leave his performance, you and your friends will all say; “How did he do that?”

Magic is universal. Seeing things your mind can’t explain, is something everyone can have fun with. The night I went there was a Mom and her 13 year-old son at the show. Outside of maybe a sporting event, where else on planet Earth can a Mom and her teenage son have an evening out together and actually have fun. See, it’s magic.

Another reason I felt compelled to write is because the nature of this business. Mr. Morrison is basically bootstrapping this Theater himself, from scratch, and replying solely on his talents. What he plans to do with the Theater going forward, I don’t’ know. But, what I do know is an artist with the talents of Mr. Morrison should be recognized.

The Atlanta Magic Theater has 4 shows a week, two on Friday night and 2 on Saturday night. The cost is $30. The Theater is run out of the 444 Theater/Event Space, located at 444 Highland Avenue. (Old 4th Ward) I didn’t know there was an event space located there. The building is odd, in the “is this really the place” feeling you get when you arrive. But, once inside its quite pleasant.

Ninety minutes before each show a bar is set up with limited food options. I wouldn’t venture much past chips and salsa. But, be sure to get there a little early as Mr. Morrison goes around to each table and performs sleight of hand tricks. His close-in sleight-of-hand magic is his specialty. His table manner very slick.

The show itself is 75 minutes. There are many tricks. Some you have seen before. Some you won’t believe. Audience participation is part of the gig. Mr. Morrison is a practiced pro in incorporating the audience and generally making it fun for everyone.

So if you are looking for something to do that is different, check out his site and think magic!

Support local artists!

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